About me

Somehow being a designer is like being a traveler, sometimes your trip is long, sometimes short; by your way you always discover people, share conversation, ideas, smiles, jokes… and always you know a bit more about yourself.

During this trip you put to test your skills and improve them, but what I like most is that, at the end, you feel you are alive and happy, just waiting for the next trip.

I find inspiration for my creativity in fifty’s Science Fiction visuals, movies, music, books, comics and sometimes more movies!. Me and my daughter are big fans of animation, being Studio Ghibli movies between our favorites.

I like all of the stuff of pre-production (either for a movie or a design project):  early concepts, storyboarding, ideas, sketches… since somehow it involves all the areas I’m interested in and also means working together with a team, doing something great and always learning from the others: graphic design, storytelling, colour, light, composition… even music. That amazing mix of ideas is what most motivates me.

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